Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and for being interested in learning more about me and my background.

Ever since I was a child, I've been fascinated with storytelling -- first as an avid listener, and then telling tales of my own.

Weaving an interesting story with a beginning, middle and end has always been natural for me, and offers a way to educate, enlighten or entertain family, friends, listeners, viewers, students and the community.

Whether relating anecdotes in a classroom setting as a professor, or whether bringing viewers into a story when telling it on TV, I take my storytelling seriously.. and have *fun* with it, too. I'm fortunate that I feel comfortable in front of audiences and really enjoy talking with people, whether one-on-one in person or to a large group or to a single viewer at home.

Preparation is the beginning and is critical to being an effective storyteller. I love to read, and was blessed to have a mom who loves reading, too. Mom taught me how to read when I was 3, and ever since, I've been voraciously consuming newspaper articles, literature, comics, magazines and most recently stories online.

Education was a major emphasis in my family. The philosophy was (and still is) that you can lose your money, your possessions, but no one can ever take away your knowledge. Thanks to my parents, I was able to enjoy the benefits of formal education, graduating from college with a Bachelor of Arts in English and completing my Master's degree in Business and Accounting. All of my siblings went to college and some have advanced degrees, too.

Of course, reading a *lot* has given me the informational tools that enable me to absorb details and relate them to others.

And that brings me to another special interest of mine: I truly enjoy connecting people with information or with other people to facilitate transforming lives.

Being a journalist -- whether on TV, on the radio or in print -- enables me to connect with people on a larger scale and to make a difference in people's lives, even by providing the smallest nugget of information that can help change someone's perspective or experience.

My diverse interests have led me to study and explore so many different things. I've worked as a sign language interpreter, facilitating communications between hearing and deaf people. I've raised and showed dogs. I've been a motivational speaker. I've written numerous articles published in newspapers, magazines, online publications and corporate marketing materials. I've hosted a TV show offering jewelry to viewers on a home shopping channel. I've entertained audiences at numerous fundraising events. I've been actively involved in dog and cat rescue efforts. I've reported traffic conditions on the radio for Los Angeles commuters. I've volunteered my time for various charitable and not-for-profit causes. I've studied several foreign languages, and have traveled throughout the United States and the world, delighted to find similarities and shared interests among people across the globe. And I've entertained and informed viewers as a TV news anchor and reporter, covering a wide variety of topics primarily in the realm of features and entertainment.

The connecting thread between these seemingly diverse explorations is a deep and genuine passion for people, animals and our planet and a desire to make a positive difference. I definitely believe that one person truly can make an impact, and as a storyteller and a "connector," I aim to do just that.

I've been privileged to have many supporters who believe in me: friends in the media world who have helped connect me with others, friends who have tuned in to listen or watch, friends who have offered me job opportunities and who have served as references for me. Years ago, when I was hosting my internet radio show, "Kaci's Foreign Affair," on, I created an online community of family and friends called Kaci's Circle. Periodically, I would write to the members to stay in touch. If you'd like to be a part of Kaci's Circle, please click on the link here to join the (free) Yahoo!Group.

I know this isn't a typical bio, but it hopefully helps to demonstrate that I'm not your typical -- well, *you* fill in the blank...

If you would like to reach me, please click on "Contact Kaci" above, and either touch base with my agents or send me an message.